Preparing Your Quilts for Longarm Quilting

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Please do not baste, pin, or embellish your quilt.

Please press your quilt top and back well, cut selvage edges (pieced seam only) on pieced back. Trim all loose threads on back of quilt top, as dark threads will show through light fabric.  If your quilt is not pressed at all, there will be an additional charge to press your quilt top and back.

 Your quilt back and batting must be 4” to 6”
wider on all sides then the quilt top; if the back and batting are not 4” to 6” wider than the quilt top the quilt will not be quilted.

If quilt back is pieced there is no guarantee the seam will be centered.

 If you are using directional fabric on your quilt top and/or back, they MUST be marked with masking tape or pins to determine the top of your quilt top and/or back.

Please make sure the quilt top and back are squared.  If the quilt is not squared and/or as waves in the borders, I cannot be responsible for tucks & pleats.

“Ruffles and waves turn into tucks and pleats.”
(Author unknown)